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Max & Helen Guernsey Max & Helen Guernsey are longtime residents of the Waterloo community. Through this organization the Guernsey's pass on their faith and support in people. It is in this spirit the resources of the Guernsey Foundation are distributed.

Our Mission:
"Guernsey Charitable Foundation's mission is to work in partnership with others to improve the vitality of our community, addressing issues important now and in the future. We focus our support on a broad spectrum of needs including; education that builds character, programs that enhance family life, key social issues, science, programs that aim for community betterment, health and life skills, sports, fitness and activities that recognize the value of people".

The Max & Helen Guernsey Charitable Foundation is a family foundation incorporated under Iowa law. It assists non-profit, tax exempt organizations and acts as a catalyst for social, cultural, educational and charitable fields. The Foundation gives higher priority to grants which fund �program� rather than �capital projects�.

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Anything that I can do to help my fellow man let me do now, for I shall not pass this way again.

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